My Personal challenges

I like to set myself goals, targets. Otherwise my motivation to train dwindles. In this section I’m setting myself personal challenges. once it’s out there, I have no excuse but to try and complete it.

If you read my blog, published 31st July 2020, you would know that I set myself a running challenge to be completed within for weeks. For those who know me, you know I am not an outdoor runner, in fact, I am no great runner at all. Given the choice, I would rather run indoors on a treadmill, very slowly. However, I do need to increase my endurance, and secretly, I do like running…Indoors.

Challenge 1: outdoor running

The goal

  • 2-3 x per week
  • 10-15 minutes
  • Rain or shine
  • 4 weeks

Week 1

Run 1: First day-Ran for 15 minutes, started off slow and kept a nice pace, I got a bit too cocky so I upped the pace, bad mistake, straight away I needed o slow down, my breathing became heavy and laboured. Stopped 3 times throughout the run (walked), each lasting just over 1 minute. Did not like this, felt sluggish, not a pretty sight. 2/10

Run 2: Came better prepared, strapped on my Myzone belt, hydrated and fuelled. 19 minute run, this time I made sure I warmed up, 3-6 mins. The run already felt different, paced myself and kept it slow, ran for longer, still stopped 3 times (walked), only lasted for 30 seconds, then returned back into the flow of the run. This was definitely a better feeling, I felt relaxed through my upper body, my legs however, still felt heavy. Managed to take in the scenery, the clouds, magnificent shades of grey, the sun hiding behind them, now and again coming out for a peak, beautiful. 4/10

Week 2

Run 3: Morning run, lasted 25 minutes. Drizzly start, overcast but still pleasantly warm. Quite frankly, I was memorized, I had the field all to myself. Once my breathing had settled down after the warm up, I found my rhythm, my body felt comfortable and light. Tried 2 small hills, legs coped, pushed my heart rate up considerably; I believe I am actually starting to enjoy this, stopped 3 times, 15 seconds rest for each (walked), then back on it. By the end I could feel a slight adrenaline rush, loved that feeling. 5/10

Quiet space. All Mine!

Run 4: Evening run, the sun was shining, slight breeze blowing, gorgeous time to run. 28 minute run. Once the warm up was over and I got my heart rate to settle. I began to enjoy the moment, the stride and pace felt good, I chose a path that was flat so my footing was more even, less pressure on my knees, my breathing still feels laboured; I think it could be a breathing skill I need to work on, or simply, I am just physical still not fit enough. Still resting, today, three times (30 seconds, walked). I need to sort my breathing out. 5/10

Gorgeous evening.

Week 3

Run 5: First afternoon run, sunny and warm, nice breeze. 34 mins, 1 rest (30 secs), best run so far! It came together. First time I felt I could take this run further, there were moments when I felt I needed to stop but I kept going and I was so proud of myself that I continued. Focussed on taking long deep breaths, paid attention to my pace and kept my strides small. Pat on the back. 7/10

Afternoon run

More runs to come….