Photo by Lisa Fotios

Menopause is inevitable, and as women, we cannot halt this process. Nutritious food can ease, help and alleviate some of the symptoms during our bodies transitional change. In this section, food is used to boost energy levels, provide a quick, balance, nutrient rich snack. And, more importantly, save time.


Time is precious, for me at least. You are trying to fit as much as you can in to one day. Therefore I need food to be quick and easy to prepare. Especially food on the go; snacks, treats, drinks, shakes, I need these to require little effort but at the same time, still taste amazing. Nutritious eats with enough protein, carbohydrates and Fats, that include; fibre, fruits and vegetables, plant based, which have Isoflavones (plants rich in oestrogens). A diluted source that will give the body a weaker structure of oestrogen, listen, every little bit helps. All this to sustain a workout/training session, post workout recovery, or, a simple treat. Now and again I will throw in a sneaky alcoholic devil, or a calorie buster, why not, we’re grown women, right? Everything in moderation, especially alcohol and caffeine, which as we know can be a trigger for some menopausal symptoms.

I love making smoothies and shakes, for me, you can pack so much nutrients into these beauties. Mornings, I generally tend to have a smoothie for breakfast, I find eating a meal early in the morning a little too heavy, whereas I can easily ingest it through shakes or smoothies.

Healthy and nutrient rich snacks is a must, between teaching and seeing clients, I always have a snack ready and waiting. Otherwise you know what happens when you are hungry, you tend to quickly find or buy, sweet, sugary fillers. Preparation is key.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin


Food ready and waiting for you. Enjoy!