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Training and Fitness

Working out during our forties and fifties will be different to training in our twenties and thirties. With the hormonal changes between oestrogen and progesterone, our metabolism begins to slow down, which may enhance unwanted weight gain. The reduction of oestrogen increases the high risk of osteoporosis, cardiac disease, high blood pressure and Mood swings.

Here you will find workouts suited for our changing bodies

  • workouts under 30 mins.
  • Different types of training to suit our needs.
  • training for different muscles. Butt, legs, Abs, Arms and many more.
  • Fitness for strengthening, toning, shaping, flexibility, balance.
  • Advice for weight loss, weight gain.
  • Safe and effective training, exercises.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Relaxation.
  • Mental state.

I want this to be all about you. Nothing gimmicky. Just straight forward, achievable, fun workouts and tips. We are busy women and fitting time in for ourselves can be difficult. You can do the workouts or exercises in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with limited space. Please remember, this isn’t limited to indoor pursuits, I honestly believe that improving your fitness or adding fitness in to your daily life must be something you enjoy. Walking, swimming, playing golf, whatever tickles your fancy.