Hi, my name is Eboney Williams and I am the founder of Fitbutwomen. I have been a coach/trainer for over 20 years. Health & Fitness has always been my passion since high school. I was an overweight teenager, I loved to eat. I started doing P.E in school, Athletics to be precise, and something in my head went off! I loved training, my body changed and I felt something different when I was exercising, you could say a Buzz! I completed my Degree in BSc Hons Sports Science many moons ago, and from there, I found my love for weight training and teaching group exercise classes. I am based in Croydon, Surrey, and live with my partner and two children.

So, here I am. My new Journey.

Fitbutwomen – A fitness forum where women can share ideas, information and advice. A Health and fitness community that’s tailor made for women’s training. A place where we can inspire and empower women on their way to amazing changes.

Amazing women like you, taking small steps to create big Change.

Eboney x