Hi, my name is Eboney Williams and I am the founder of Fitbutwomen. I have been a coach/trainer for over 25 years. Health & Fitness has always been my passion since high school. During my teens, I was an overweight teenager, I loved to eat! I started doing P.E in school, Athletics to be precise, and something in my head went off! I loved training, my body changed and I felt something different when I was exercising, you could say a Buzz.

In my twenties, I completed my Degree in BSc Hons Sports Science, and from there, I found my love for weight training and teaching group exercise classes. During this time my family expanded, with the arrival of my two kids. I carried on working with the same gusto and spirit, developing my career and expanding my business. Like most women, I had to fit this in around family and a running busy life. Hey, as women, we just get on with it.

Forties arrived, and Bang! What the hell happened? Something had changed. I was demotivated, had no energy, constantly forgetting the simplest things; my zest for life and exercise had gone. Don’t get me wrong, each day came and I still carried on, but carrying on as though I was in a dream, a foggy haze. What the hell was happening to me?…. Yes, you guessed it, the M word, the Menopause.

So, here I am. My new Journey.


A Health, Fitness & Lifestyle community for women going through the Menopause to share ideas, information and advice. A forum that’s tailor made for women’s training, fitness and mental health.

As we begin this new chapter in our lives, I want Fitbutwomen to be a place where we can inspire and empower women during the menopause. Let’s stop fighting against these new changes and embrace it. Let’s find a way to work with it, through it- no matter what challenges it throws at us.

We are women. Amazing women. And like you, taking small steps to create big Change.


Eboney x