5 tips to overcome bad habits.

Hey Ladies.

What is it about the weekend that makes me feel, hey, I deserve this, it’s time for a blow out! I’ve worked hard, visited the gym, done my Pilates, been for several runs, hammered the punch bag, ate sensibly. Man, I need my just rewards. For me, it’s that lovely glass or two, of Ice cold Chardonnay on a Saturday night. Maybe a cheeky burger and chips, (fries), if you’re an American, but you know what I mean? That thing you hold out for, your kryptonite. Guilt free krytonite, or is it really guilt free?


As women we are hard wired, we put lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. We get it from every angle, social media, adverts, magazines, friends, family; our own conscious mind. Which ever way you come at it, we want to be perfect. But as you know, that just isn’t achievable. As I have gotten older, I’ve learned to relax, step back and enjoy the moment. I no longer put that pressure on myself, as my younger self would have. So why is it when we do something that makes us feel happy in ‘the moment’, eating chocolate, the odd biscuit, the cheeky glass of wine; it feels so wrong!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin


As humans, by nature we follow an “habitual loop”, a routine. Our brains are wired this way. Set the trigger and there needs to be an reward at the end. This loop can be difficult to break and it may take some time to do so. If your ‘blow out’ moment is something that you keep doing over & over again, each time you feel guilty, low self esteem. “I’ll start again on Monday”. ” Why do I keep breaking my diet?”. ” Why can’t I stick to my new healthy lifestyle?”. Then you have developed a bad habit and your behaviour towards what leads up that moment, needs to change. However, if you keep having your krptonite and you’re okay with it, little and often, still training, working out, exercising, eating well, overall, your behaviour change has led you to enjoy the way you are living your life. Happy days! You are doing something right.

Out with the old – In with the new

Our habits have deep, rooted, behavioural connections, it’s our identity, tendencies, routines and ticks. Therefore, in order to create good or better habits, we have to do out with the old.

5 Tips to break your bad habits.

Start with small steps, bad habits are difficult to break or change. Set a simple routine, one that is small and achievable. Once it becomes natural to you, it then becomes automatic.

Triggers, your smoking gun. Comfort eating may be your way of coping when you feel down or bored. Over training, you constantly need your fix, that rush, an endorphin hit. You must find the source from which your habit is feeding you; identify the cause.

Set Realistic goals. Oh, so you want to lose 3 stones in a month? You have 4 weeks to get into shape before your holiday! Be realistic, plan, organise and set achievable goals. Time and effort will be required, quick fixes just do not work.

Be nice to yourself , you will have slips ups, register it, why did it happen? What triggered it? Be fine with it and carry on. But please don’t be mean to yourself, put yourself down, don’t allow that inner voice to belittle you.

Awareness, Surround yourself with friends, family and support, like mined people. Tell your friends and family, individuals you trust, let them know so they can help you, hold you to account. And of course, think of your environment, try not to put yourself in a situation that might trigger you to spiral out of control.


Own it, own it, own it! Take action and continue to move forward, be responsible for your own success – enjoy the process. I know it won’t be easy but that should not stop you from trying, and most of all, DO NOT GIVE UP! Over time and with a little help, you will overcome and break that “habitual loop”. “Ladies, You’ve this. I’m with you all the way”.

Photo by Engin Akyurt

Until the next time,

Eboney x

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