Run, run, run – what type of runner are you?

Indoor V Outdoor

Photo by Retha Ferguson


Hey Ladies!

Running has never been so popular. During lock down there were an amazing amount of people running everywhere. I for one never got into it, I chose a different outlet to train and exercise during that time. I do enjoy running, however, I prefer to run indoors on a treadmill.

I know we never had a choice during lock down, gyms were closed. Thankfully parks and outdoor space allowed us to take our daily dose of exercise, if you were lucky or able to do so. But now the gyms are open, I don’t see as many outdoor runners as before. Yes, some have gone back to work and yes, some of those outdoor runners may have picked up injuries due to over running.

Now that I am back teaching and training in clubs, I have seen the evidence for myself, the treadmills are busy! Yes they are, and too right. Gyms have done a great job in making their clubs safe for us to use.

So, here’s the question. Given the choice.

Are you an Indoor runner or Outdoor runner?

I prefer the treadmills because I can get a quick run in before or just after teaching a class. I push the start button on the console, choose a program, set a time, pick the incline and speed, headphones on, and off I go, boom! Five minutes I’m done, joking, 10 minutes.

Put me outdoors, the weather has to be right. Wind, rain and being cold doesn’t do it for me. I know you can pick the right clothes to run in depending on the weather, but already that’s too much to think about. Next, people watching how you run, you think they are not, but they really are, and I am not a graceful runner, I plod. This is why when I run pass other members of the public my running technique suddenly improves, and then taper off once I have run passed them. Sad, I know.

Then there are the dogs, the ones that are on leads are fine, but the dogs that are off leads, I’m never quite sure, so I take a wide route around them, and if I am lucky, I get left alone. It’s the dogs that run up to you or after you that I worry about, wow! I just want a hassle free run, sorry, plod.

My Challenge.

Okay, joking aside. I know you can do both, running on treadmills during winter months and then switching to outdoor running as the weather improves in spring/summer, or you just like to mix it up. You may not be a member of a gym and therefore you have no access to a treadmill, outdoors is your only option, I get it.

Truth is, I have not done any outdoor running in over a year, so, I’m going to give it another try. I’ll give it a month, and if I am still not convinced Its’s for me, treadmills here I come.

Photo by Philip Ackermann

The Goal.

  • 2-3 x per week
  • 10-45 minutes.
  • Rain or shine
  • 1 month

So where do you stand or run on this, Indoor or Outdoor? Let me know your views. Drop me a line.

Until next time,

Eboney x

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