Gyms are back!

Photo by mentatdgt

Hi Ladies.

The count down has begun, July 25th, gyms in England will reopen, Hooray! I for one have missed them, and not just for the obvious reason that I work within them. I have missed the interaction you have with individuals, friendships. The banter, the laughs, fun, meeting new people and forming bonds with other members.

During the weeks we’ve been in lock down, health clubs, leisure centres, have been preparing for this day. Putting in measures to create social distancing between equipment. Revising their cleaning and deep cleaning protocols. Deciding which products to bring back first and which ones to bring back later. Limiting participant numbers within the club, gymnasiums, classes and outdoor space. Staff being retrained in how to continue to deliver quality service while having to social distance.

What will you be doing?

For some, going back will be like going back to normality in this new way of living. Getting back in to a fitness routine, rushing back from work to do a class, time away from the kids, a break from home… Me time.

Others will wait and see, this just might be too soon and they need more time. There are those who will never go back, a change in family commitments or they have found another outlet to stay healthy; outdoor training, running, biking, walking the dog. You may fall into the online category, zoom Fitness – Training in the comfort of your own home, through the lens of a camera. Listen, if it works, why change it, right?

Let’s not forget financial concerns. This pandemic will make us rethink how we spend money and where we spend our money, and gyms may not be a priority anymore.

I for one will be back teaching indoors come July 25th, from a distance.

So ladies, whatever you do to continue with your training, enjoy it and stay safe.

Until next time.

Eb x

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